Cynthia Hatton

Chief Information Officer

Cynthia Hatton is an award-winning IT Executive who accelerates organizational growth and performance by revolutionizing the design and delivery of enterprise solutions for Global 2,000 and Fortune 500 customers.

What she does is articulate vision and strategy, then lead execution of strategic corporate technology initiatives that drive change, advance maturity, promote operational seamlessness, and enhance the user experience.

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2013 – Present

Global Head, Chief Development Office

Guided technical direction and enable cross-discipline consulting practices, as organization experienced explosive organic and M&A growth from 20 employees to 1,500.

2011 – 2013

Chief Technology Officer | VP, Product Strategy & Development

Strategically guided technology vision and strategy, architecture, governance, and enterprise software development and implementation for high-volume data warehousing, forecasting, and analytics applications of clinical, supply chain and operational data. Directed product development. Cultivated strategic partnerships with AAS, Oracle, and CustomSolutions.

2008 – 2010

Principal | Chief Technologist, Emerging Technologies

Recruited to newly-created role to drive strategic change and mature software delivery across organization of 8,000+ technical specialists. Principal objectives: accelerate organizational growth, promote automation, and propel innovation.


Delivered a $300M California E-Hub Payment Platform within 3-months and 10% under budget

Chartered and polished lean, end-to-end software delivery lifecycle to elevate global maturity. 

 Leveraged Foremost Connect® to drive performance improvements that captured $4.2B savings in 1 year.


Strategic Technology Leadership

SAAS Platform Development

Technology Transformation

Technology Consulting

Enterprise Systems Planning

IT & Data Security

Solutions & System Architecture

Risk Management

SDLC Management

Regulatory Compliance

Product Innovation

Multi-Million Dollar Budget Management


Master of Science (MS)
Electrical & Computer Engineering

Bachelor of Science (BS)
Computer Science

Bachelor of Science (BS)

Interests & Hobbies




Q & A

Who are your main influences?

My contemporary influence is Lieutenant Colonel Mike Perry who was the first Director of the Army Special Operations Forces Captain Career Course (ARSOF CCC). I worked directly for Mike and he taught me to always question the status quo. Not in a pompous or arrogant way, but question the status quo with full respect for the process and the organization in an attempt to make each better.

Who are your main influences?

It is important to not only “do well” but to “do good.” Personally, I feel success is not just the completion of a given endeavor, but it is the accomplishment of something that leaves the world a better place. 

What are you working on right now?

Designing the back Garden, Remodeling the laundry room, replacing header gaskets on a ’65 Mustang

What are your long term goals?

To work long enough on a new career path to have a sense of accomplishment and make a difference while making enough money to travel with my wife.

Do you live by any piece of advice or motto?

Do it right or do it twice. This applies to almost everything in life. Are you willing to do the hard work up front, pay attention to details, maintain standards, and keep focused? I use this mantra in my personal work, relationships, and everything in between.

What are you passionate about?

Personal growth in myself and others. It’s not always easy and not always life-altering but it’s always worth the effort put into it. Staying a life-long-learner has been important to me since my first tenure as an Instructor and Small Group Leader. 

What is the one thing you need to know about your co-workers?

Their names. It takes me a while to remember them if there are a lot of people. 

Do you have a favorite season?

I love spring and fall. I am almost always outside during these months working on the gardens or the house. Fall brings with it college football season and anoints several hours on Saturday as  extraordinary.

What life circumstance has most shaped your world view?

Being married for the last eight years and gaining three step-sons has taught me more patience and empathy than I ever would have learned as a single guy. My wife and kids have given me a valuable skill set that makes me a better leader and person.


Megan Smith, Director of IT

A leader that consistently demonstrated personal values that closely aligned with my own. Her integrity, collaborative approach and good old fashioned passion for the cause are characteristics that inspired her team and me personally. I enjoyed my time working with Cynthia and learned so much at the same time.


Sheryl Sanders, Director of Emerging Technologies

I had the great pleasure of working with Cynthia in three different team settings for various assignments. I was consistently impressed by her constant quick-thinking and strong work ethic. Cynthia provided high quality work amidst competing deadlines and with expert communication skills. I have also seen Cynthia provide cogent business solutions in multiple high-pressured and fast-paced settings, all with impressive drive. She is an absolute problem-solver and diligent worker. Above all, she is self-starter and deeply passionate about technology, and so I am confident that she will be a motivated and enthusiastic member for any organization.